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Are you looking for reliable partner when it comes to the repair or updating your diagnostic tool? With us you are at the right place! 

Our repair workshop offers you instant service and master quality repairs at affordable prices for most of diagnostic tools.


We look forward to your visit on our websites. Here are some insights of our daily work and our range of services. Our team answers your questions at any time.


Here at OBD Shop we pride ourselves on the excellent knowledge that we have gained over the years to help provide you with the best possible package with the minimum expense spent.


Over a years we been working for individuals, small and big garages, vehicle main dealers/franchises, fleet managers, direct importers, manufactureres and other valued customers. In our portfolio we been serving Goverment Bodies, from different continents as well.  We can provide various services for various customers and there is no difference if your run your business in your back garden or you are Mr. Big.

We've got sulution for you as we are teamed up with reliable diagnostic tools sellers as well. 

Legal notice:


We are independent diagnostic tools specialised service centre. We are not affiliated with Launch Tech, Mercedes Benz, BMW etc.
Under UK and European Law, we are legally permitted to work on (with) and we do not need any authorisation or consent to service and repair any brand of diagnostic tools. This is called the Free M
arket. Under UK and EU Law, any attempt to restrict the Free Market is unlawfull. 


Quicker service and better prices. We are not fusy where you bought your tool, what you have done with it.  You can buy it wherever you like, and you have a right to have it repaired wherever you like.


If you bought your tool in A country, we can on your behalf deal with dealers in A country, so we are not breaking any rules. Launch tech company on their website mycar.x431.com advertise sales directly from Aliexpress in China, and Launch Tech UK refuses repairs to them. That's where we are stepping in. We are NOT authorised, and that was like that since we started trading in UK. We never claimed to be, however we use genuine parts and even better quality parts then OEM.


Or should we close all Audi Specialist, BMW Specialist, Mercedes specialist which are not affiliated with Car maker / dealer ???


Your tool. Your choice. Your right.




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