XENTRY 2D Barcode Scanner

We are now stocking barcode scanner for Xentry. You can scan and code headlights 


1:1 as scanners supplied by Mercedes but without their branding. 

Price is £249 and next day delivery is available. 



Mercedes XDOS and PASSThru 09.2019

Software has been released. If you have your kit, ask for an upgrade.  Please note: you need valid subscription from Mercedes to use it. 


Mercedes PASSThru with VAS5054a

We can install and configure Mercedes Xentry PassThru system to work with VAS5054A or VXdiag. 
Official account will cost under £10 per hour and this will allow you SCN coding for Euro 5 and Euro 6. 
Our installation and configure fee varies on hardware which you’ve got plus initial fee for Mercedes. 
Native installation only. You will need VALID account with Dailmer for Xentry PassThru. Its cheap !

We can help if your tool fail.

If there is no cars on your list, or durring update failed - is a great chance that you been conned.  Your tool does not have an authorisation for language or location. We may try to help. Please call for details.

Data Protection
We always been careful when it comes to your data protection. We never shared, sold, or distribute dthem to any third party. We do NOT send newsletters, spam and other unwanted communication. GDRP is a regulation, not a directive. Please read our policy below.

We will keep your details (provided over a phone, delivered in hard copy, entered electronically) only for service/repair which we provide. They will be kept on secure server and will stay only on service/warranty record system up to 24 months, and will be accordingly disposed. Your details will be kept for 5years in our secure invoicing system and will not be used for any other purpose.

We do NOT pass to third party any of your personal details, apart of delivery or payment service. 
Once you provided us with your details they will be used ONLY for invoicing, progress of repair/service, and will be NOT passed to any third party. Payment and(or) delivery company may be provided with your details ONLY in respect of one of service which they will provide.

We can recommend other services or companies to you, but we will not provide them with your details without explicit consent. 
You can ask us if you wish to delete your details imminently after completion of repair/service, however your details will be stored in our invoicing system.

We use third party payment providers WorldPay, PayPal. They may ask you or us for your personal details to verify payment, or for they own procedures. They may store your data. This is out of our control and please refer to those companies in regards of you Data Protection. You will be informed prior to entering/passing your details which payment provider will be used.

We use third party delivery services like Royal Mail, UPS, DHL or DPD. They may ask you or us for your personal details for delivery purposes. They may store your data. This is out of our control and please refer to those companies in regards of you Data Protection. We will inform you which delivery service will be used prior to exchange of your data.

We offer repairs to Launch x431 EuroPAD (PAD) Mk1 and Mk2.


However now there is very limited avaibilitty of parts for Mk1, and there is an common fault with charging,


So now we can offer conversion.


Your tablet unit will have to be send to us, and we will transfer all of your data to Laptop PC.  Laptop will be new, and will be covered with warranty for 12 months. All will works as it should apart that you will loose priniting option as laptop doesnt not contain integrated printer. 

New laptop and our service will cost £499.00 and takes up to 5 working days. Please call for details.

Good news. We can offer now battery replacement for:Launch x431 

  • Launch x431 PRO
  • Launch x431 PRO3
  • Launch x431 V
  • Launch x431 V+
  • Launch x431 PAD
  • Launch x431 PAD2
  • Launch x431 Diagun 1 2
  • Launch x431 Diagun 3

and others.... Just ask. In case that we do not sell your type of battery, we can offer service of reconditioning your one (new cells).
We sell chargers too....

Launch x431 GDS 3G -Please contact with a dealer- recovery after fake update


Launch GDS also called 3G (for China market) and also 3G which been converted to looks like a GDS.


We can offer recovery service after sourcing illegal fake updates for your tool. They are just software which will lock your tool because of lack of authorisation. Seller may refund you but you will be left with blocked tool.


As official support for LAunch x431 GDS has ended lots of sellers keeps selling updates for it. 

Thats wrong. Most of those updates locks your tool, and even deleting update doesnt help.

Please note: NOT ALL of GDS units can be recovered.


We can offer restore service for your GDS. We will bring it to life, and load last valid software from your account.

Please ask for more details.

Launch V+, PRO3 and PRO3S - repairs and replacement units.


We can offer replacement tablet units for PRO3 and PRO3S.


They are new or refubrished ones, with warranty.

They are not just stock tablets from a shop. They comes with correct spec, firmware and configurations. They are pre-loaded with correct software.


You need to provide us with photos of your unit serial number, photo of Launch password envelope, and your Launhc online acc details, login and password. 


Please note: we do not offer rubber/plastic housing. They are just tablet unit.

For more details please just ask.


We do repairs to your existiing unit of PRO, PRO3, PRO S, PRO3S, V,V+ and most of Launch diagnostic tools.

Legal notice:


We are independent Launch and other brand diagnostic tools specialised service centre. We are not affiliated with Launch Tech UK, Launch Europe or Launch HQ. 

Under UK and European Law, we are legally permitted to work on (with) and we do not need any authorisation or consent to service and repair any brand of diagnostic tools. This is called the Free Market. Under UK and EU Law, any attempt to restrict the Free Market is unlawfull. 


Quicker service and better prices. We are not fusy where you bought your tool, what you have done with it.  You can buy it wherever you like, and you have a right to have it repaired wherever you like.


If you bought your tool in A country, we can on your behalf deal with dealers in A country, so we are not breaking any rules. Launch tech company on their website advertise sales directly from Aliexpress in China, and Launch Tech UK refuses repairs to them. That's where we are stepping in. We do accept manufacturer warranty claims, as we do not have an authorissation, and that was like that since we started trading in UK. We never claimed to be, however we use genuine parts and even better quality parts then OEM.


Or should we close all Audi Specialist, BMW Specialist, Mercedes specialist which are not affiliated with Car maker / dealer ???


Your tool. Your choice. Your right.


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