Covid 19 - Corona virus


Just to let you know, since 2014 we been sanitising keyboards and other devices which has been send to us for service.  Not just now, but for over 6 years we take care to get rid of gems, rice and other leftovers found on devices send to us. As per current guidance virus stays outside of human body for 48hrs. We do all what we can to protect you and us. 

Stay safe.




Xentry Tab Carry Case Box


Back in stock on 2 Feb 2022..

New Mercedes ID verification


Did you competed your C5 verification? Log in to  UMAS and verify yourself !



SCN coding


This procedure requires login and password, commonly known as C4, D4, C5 etc. 
We cannot stop asking you to keep your login secure. Do not enter on any other system which is not authorised. Keep your antivirus on. 
Unfortunately, at present people are abusing system, offering free cheap illegal activations, only to plant a spyware to obtain your login and details. 
If you by coincidence get your password disclosed, change it immediately. 

If you suspect anything, change it immediately.

Stay safe. 



BREXIT saga is over.


We will try to find out how this will impact automotive market. At present we do have an access to dealer lever diagnostics, digital service books etc under EU regulations. 

Keep an eye on this website for more info.

BMW AOS Update Procedure


We added simple instruction how to keep BMW AOS up-to-date.

Click Here

Remote Assistance with TeamViewer

We are business account holder for TeamViewer Remote Control. 


You can download OFFICIAL portable OBDservice TeamViewer Software. Opens new windows.

No instalation is required. Just download, start it, provide us with your ID and we will take control of your computer. 



Mercedes Benz PassThru Assistance UK

We can provide full assitance in seting up OFFCIAL account with Mercedes-Benz. We will guide you through process, we will install, configure software and hardware.


Contact us for details.


We are NOT affiliated with Mercedes Benz Daimler.

XENTRY 2D Barcode Scanner

We are now stocking barcode scanner for Xentry. You can scan and code headlights 


1:1 as scanners supplied by Mercedes but without their branding. 



BMW AOS (Aftersales Online System)


We can provide full assitance in seting up OFFCIAL account with BMW. We will guide you through process, we will install, configure software and hardware.


Contact us for details.


We are NOT affiliated with BMW. We are an independent company.

Mercedes XDOS, Kit2, VCI and PassThru 12.2019

Software has been released. If you have your kit, ask for an upgrade.  Please note: you need valid subscription from Mercedes to use it. 

We DO NOT offer any kind of activation for those systems! Authorisation has to be obtainded directly from Mercedes.


If you struggele with update, device configuration etc  - give us a call.


Mercedes PASSThru with VAS5054a

We can install and configure Mercedes Xentry PassThru system to work with VAS5054A or VXdiag. 
Official account will cost under £10 per hour and this will allow you SCN coding for Euro 5 and Euro 6. 
Our installation and configure fee varies on hardware which you’ve got plus initial fee for Mercedes. 
Native installation only. You will need VALID account with Dailmer for Xentry PassThru. Its cheap !


We are not offcial representative of Mercedes Benz or we are NOT affiliated with Daimler.

We can help if your tool fail.

If there is no cars on your list, or durring update failed - is a great chance that you been conned.  Your tool does not have an authorisation for language or location. We may try to help. Please call for details.

Launch V+, PRO3 and PRO3S - repairs and replacement units.


We can offer replacement tablet units for PRO3 and PRO3S.


They are new or refubrished ones, with warranty.

They are not just stock tablets from a shop. They comes with correct spec, firmware and configurations. They are pre-loaded with correct software.


You need to provide us with photos of your unit serial number, photo of Launch password envelope, and your Launhc online acc details, login and password. 


Please note: we do not offer rubber/plastic housing. They are just tablet unit.

For more details please just ask.


We do repairs to your existiing unit of PRO, PRO3, PRO S, PRO3S, V,V+ and most of Launch diagnostic tools.

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