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 Once you complete a form you will receive an email with next steps.



We don’t need any cables, batteries, pens etc. unless you have been instructed to send them. Is important to send memory card with your tool (if it is got one), but please make a back up of it. We cannot promise that data will be intact when parcel is scanned by post.
Please call for further instructions if needed. 


It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure products sent to us are carefully packed to prevent damage in shipping. You are advised to protect screens in particular with thick cardboard or something similar because they are easily cracked. We strongly recommend you ship with tracking and adequate insurance cover for your product. 
We will not be responsible for any items not signed as received by us or any product damaged in shipping.  Please put your name, address and telephone number clearly on the back of the package you send. 
We do offer local drop off service. Please contact us for details.



We can repair most diagnostic tool. We specialise in Launch x431, and Mercedes Benz (Daimler) diagnostic equipment.

We cannot repair Snap-On or MAC tool units.


Until we sign on delivery we cannot take any responsibility of your goods.


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